Houston Texans Reportedly Considering Blockbuster Trade

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Getty Image / Logan Riely

With just one day left until the NFL Draft, the Houston Texans have some big decisions to make.

They currently own the 2nd and 12th picks in the draft and the choices they make are going to have a huge impact on their franchise as it tries to rebuild after trading away their franchise QB a year ago.

They are already reportedly considering making a questionable decision with the 2nd overall pick as they may opt to use it on an edge rusher instead of CJ Stroud and have even looked at trading the pick.

Now it looks like they might not be all that interested in their options at pick 12 either.

According to NFL insider Adam Schefter, the Texans have explored the idea of trading the 12th pick to move back in round 1.

Schefter also mentioned that the Texans have also made calls about moving up in round 1.

The Texans are clearly not all that impressed by the talent at the top of this year’s draft. They have looked into moving each of their top picks even though they don’t currently have a quarterback or much high end talent at all on their roster.

It seems unlikely they’ll actually be able to move the 2nd pick thanks to the recent negative reports about CJ Stroud, which makes the 12th pick the more likely of the two to be traded.

On draft day, that could actually become easy to make happen. While it seems that teams across the league have cooled on this year’s draft class, there will likely be teams interested in taking somebody like Anthony Richardson if he falls that far.

We saw Justin Fields drop to pick 11 a couple of years ago and the Giants picked up an extra 1st round pick in the following year’s draft in their deal with the Chicago Bears.

Things have been pretty quiet on the trade front since the Panthers landed pick one, but it’s looking like the Houston Texans are set on changing that.