Houston Texans Fans EXPLODE As J.J. Watt Makes Emotional Entrance Into NRG Stadium

J.J. Watt has been donating his time and money into the recovery of victims of Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area. On Sunday, the fans showed their appreciation for all of his hard work by showering the All-Pro Houston Texans defensive end with a chorus of applause. As of today, the impressive relief effort has raised over $31 million in donations.

In the Texans’ season opener at NRG Stadium, an emotional J.J. Watt made a spirited entrance and the place exploded! Waving the Texas flag, Watt emerged from the tunnel and the crowd thanked him for all that he has done to the city that was devastated by Hurricane Harvey two weeks ago.

During warmups, Watt was rocking some sweet new cleats that were covered with the Texas state flag.

If only the rest of the Texans were as jacked up as Watt, then maybe they wouldn’t have gotten dismantled by the Jacksonville Jaguars by the score of 29 – 7. If you’d like to donate to Watt’s relief fund for victims of Hurricane Harvey you can do so HERE.