Here’s How Much It Would Cost Texas A&M To Fire Jimbo Fisher If The Aggies’ Season Gets Worse

Here's How Much It Would Cost Texas A&M To Fire Jimbo Fisher If The Aggies' Season Gets Worse

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Jimbo Fisher’s job as the head coach of the Texas A&M Aggies Football Team is safe and secure. Most people in Jimbo’s situation would be on the hot seat, but Fisher has arguably the most coaching-friendly/favorable contract in College Football history.

Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher is earning $9 million in salary for the 2022 season and his ENTIRE contract is fully guaranteed. Last year he was making $7.5 million/season but negotiated a raise and an extension, according to a recent article in The Tennesseean.

Jimbo’s contract extension at Texas A&M runs through 2031 AND it includes four fully guaranteed years, according to a report last year from USA Today. What this all means is, should the Texas A&M Aggies ever choose to part ways with the former Florida State head coach it would be the most expensive buyout in history.

How Expensive It Would Be For Texas A&M To Fire Jimbo Fisher

$85.6 million. It would cost Texas A&M University $85.6 million to fire Jimbo Fisher. Prior to Fisher signing his massive extension last year, it would’ve only cost TAMU $45.6 million to part ways with Jimbo but that number went up to $85.6 and the Aggies are basically now stuck with Fisher for better or worse.

Here is a full breakdown:

His contract is FULLY guaranteed, according to NYT reporter Jane Coaston:

That number will continue to go down each year as Jimbo’s making $9 million annually. So It would be around $76 million next year, $67 million the year after that, etc.

Now, if we’re being honest here, if there is any college in the United States that might pony up $85+ million to buy out a coach I’d think it would be Texas A&M. The Aggies are TIRED of waiting for a National Championship.

Why are we even talking about this?

Many Texas A&M fans want him out already:

Jimbo’s Aggies just lost 17-14 to Appalachian State in Week 2. This came after TAMU signed the highest-rated recruiting class in College Football history.

Most of those players haven’t sniffed action yet but the expectations for Jimbo and the Aggies are sky high. They presented Jimbo Fisher with a National Championship Plaque back in 2018 that didn’t have a date. The TAMU equivalent of a blank check at the time. But now it’s time for the results and losing to App State in Week 2 isn’t what anyone anticipated for this season.

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