Twitter Destroys Texas A&M For Giving Jimbo Fisher A National Championship Plaque With No Date

The Aggies have officially drunk the Jimbo Fisher Kool-Aid and they don’t care who knows it. When Texa A&M lured football coach Jimbo Fisher away from Florida State in the offseason many in College Station were already ready to hang the National Championship banners before Jimbo had even stepped foot on campus. Then, Jimbo pulled in the 17th ranked recruiting class (FSU came in at #11) and the hype train was barrelling forward with no way to stop it.

Texas A&M hasn’t won a National Championship since 1939. They’ve only won a Division Title once since 1999 (only three Division Titles ever), but that didn’t stop Texas A&M chancellor John Sharp from presenting new head coach Jimbo Fisher with a dateless National Championship plaque. In a recent ceremony that honored Coach Colby Carthel of the Division II National Champion Texas A&M-Commerce Lions (the minor leagues of college football) the Aggies chancellor then presented Jimbo Fisher with a dateless National Championship plaque of his own.

This story wouldn’t have been such a big deal if the Aggies didn’t release video of the event but they did exactly that. Now, Twitter’s been roasting the ever living shit out of the Aggies for getting way ahead of themselves:

After this video made its way to Reddit the Aggies started getting torched on Twitter for this buffoonery:

I could keep pulling tweets but what’s the point? You get it. Jimbo Fisher and the Aggies are getting roasted for celebrating a National Championship the year after Jimbo’s team was barely bowl eligible.