Ever Wondered How Far Every NHL Arena Is From The Nearest Costco? No?? Well, Are You Wondering Now???

Tampa Bay Lightning Amalie Arena

  • With 50ish days to go until the NHL season begins, hockey fans are finding interesting ways to keep themselves distracted
  • One guy on Reddit decided to map out the distance between every NHL arena and the nearest Costco location, with the Buffalo Sabres ranked dead last
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Congratulations! By clicking this random article you’ve just proven that you and I can be friends. For whatever reason, our shared appreciation of weird news (and hockey) has brought us together on this lovely August afternoon soo I’ll try my best to make this article not suck for you.

We’re about 50 days, give or take a few, away from the start of the 2021/2022 NHL season where my Tampa Bay Lightning will seek to go back-to-back-to-back as Stanley Cup Champions. The NHL offseason can be pretty boring for hickey fans but it can also spark unexpected creativity.

Case in point, Reddit user /u/TheSewallSyrum who put together this list showing how far every NHL arena is from the nearest Costco store. I’ve probably been to more NHL arenas than the average NHL fan. I haven’t been to a ton, I’m definitely not one of those guys who has taken a trip to a bunch of different arenas, but fortune has smiled on me and I’ve been able to watch my Lightning play all over, from coast to coast and on up to Canada.

At no point did I ever wonder how close I was to a Costco store but when I saw this Reddit post titled “How Far Each NHL Arena Is To a Costco?” it piqued my natural curiosity. I couldn’t not click that. And then I had to share it with you bros. Now you’re reading the article after clicking because of our shared appreciation for weird news. So here goes…

How Far Every NHL Arena Is From The Nearest Costco

1) – Vancouver Canucks – 120 ft/36.57 m – Vancouver, British Columbia

2) – Ottawa Senators – 1.2 mi/2.0 km – Kanata, Ontario

3) – Chicago Blackhawks – 1.7 mi/2.8 km – Chicago, Illinois

4) – Montréal Canadiens – 1.9 mi/3.0 km – Montréal, Quebec

5) – San Jose Sharks – 3.1 mi/5.0 km – Santa Clara, California

6) – Winnipeg Jets – 3.3 mi/5.4 km – Winnipeg, Manitoba

7) – Washington Capitals – 4.3 mi/6.9 km – Arlington, Virginia

8) – Seattle Kraken – 4.5 mi/7.3 km – Seattle, Washington

9) – Boston Bruins – 4.6 mi/7.4 km – Everett, Massachusetts

10) – New York Rangers – 4.9 mi/7.9 km – Queens, New York

11) – Calgary Flames – 5.2 mi/8.4 km – Calgary, Alberta

12) – Edmonton Oilers – 5.3 mi/8.5 km – Edmonton, Alberta

13) – Arizona Coyotes – 5.3 mi/8.5 km – Avondale, Arizona

14) – Anaheim Ducks – 6.3 mi/10.1 km – Garden Grove, California

15) – Nashville Predators – 6.8 mi/11.0 km – Nashville, Tennessee

16) – Colorado Avalanche – 6.8 mi/11.0 km – Arvada, Colorado

17) – Pittsburgh Penguins – 6.9 mi/11.1 km – Homestead, Pennsylvania

18) – Carolina Hurricanes – 6.9 mi/11.1 km – Raleigh, North Carolina

19) – Toronto Maple Leafs – 7.6 mi/12.2 km – East York, Ontario

20) – Los Angeles Kings – 8.2 mi/13.3 km – Los Angeles, California

21) – New York Islanders – 8.4 mi/13.6 km – Westbury, New York

22) – Minnesota Wild – 8.4 mi/13.6 km – Woodbury, Minnesota

23) – New Jersey Devils – 8.6 mi/13.9 km – Clifton, New Jersey

24) – Florida Panthers – 8.8 mi/14.2 km – Davie, Florida

25) – Vegas Golden Knights – 9.4 mi/15.1 km – Henderson, Nevada

26) – Tampa Bay Lightning – 9.6 mi/15.4 km – Brandon, Florida

27) – Columbus Blue Jackets – 10.2 mi/16.4 km – Columbus, Ohio

28) – Philadelphia Flyers – 10.3 mi/16.5 km – Cherry Hill, New Jersey

29) – Dallas Stars – 10.6 mi/17.1 km – North Dallas, Texas

30) – St. Louis Blues – 12.2 mi20.0 km – Mehlville, Missouri

31) – Detroit Red Wings – 14.9 mi/23.9 km – Madison Heights, Michigan**

32) – Buffalo Sabres – 75.8 mi/122 km – Rochester, New York*

Those asterisks on the Detroit Red Wings and Buffalo Sabres denote that the nearest Costco is actually in another country so it doesn’t count. The true nearest one to the Buffalo Sabres is 21.3-miles away in Niagara Falls, Ontario which would mean Buffalo would still rank in last place.

And the nearest true Costco to the Detroit Red Wings’ new arena is 9.9-miles away in Windsor, Ontario would bump the Wings up to 27th here.

For anyone keeping score at home, there are only six NHL arenas in existence that are further than 10 miles away from a Costco store.

Big shout out to Reddit user /u/TheSewallSyrum, whoever you are, for putting this together.