The Number Of Olympic Athletes Competing For Countries Other Than Where They Were Born Is Wild

How Many Olympic Athletes Countries Werent Born

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How many Olympic athletes compete for countries that they weren’t born in? A lot, and the United States has more athletes competing for other countries than any other. For the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the United States will “lose” 37 athletes to other countries, the most in the world.

According to research done by CapRelo, a global relocation service company, Canada “loses” the second most amount of athletes to other countries with 21, but also has the second most number of athletes competing FOR them that are from another country with 13.

Here’s another crazy Olympics stat CapRelo came uo with regarding athletes and the countries they compete for: South Korea, the host country, has 18 non-native athletes competing for them, the most of any country. Their men’s hockey team has seven — 28 percent of the team.

Here’s a list of all the athletes from the United States that will be competing in the Winter Olympics for other countries over the next two weeks.

As for which sports have the most athletes competing for a country other than the one where they were born, alpine skiing takes the top spot with a whopping 32 competitors! Figure skating comes in a close second with 26 skaters taking to the ice for a country in which they were not born.

Twelve countries competing in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics will be represented entirely by athletes who were not born in their country.

And here are the most decorated Winter Olympians competing in 2018 that will be competing for a country other than the one they where they were born.