3 Golfers Of Varying Skill Levels Smoke Weed And Test How Marijuana Affects Your Golf Game

how marijuana affects golf game

Golf Digest

How does marijuana affect your golf game? It’s a pretty straightforward question but methinks the answer isn’t straightforward at all. For starters, there’s no one type of high from cannabis. You’ve got the two main strains of Sativa and Indica which produce extremely different types of highs (Indica = In Da Couch). Also, someone’s tolerance level towards THC can weigh heavily on how smoking weed might affect his golf game.

I could go on and on about other factors, but I actually like this test conducted by Golf Digest and I think they’ve done it fairly well so I don’t want to nitpick too much. This video is a follow up to a recent video testing how getting drunk affects your golf game and it follows a similar format to that test.

They’ve got three golfers of varying skill levels (6, 13, and 18 handicaps). They have the semi-pro, amateur, and casual golfers all warm up before smoking some sticky icky. Each of them makes a prediction on how they think smoking marijuana will affect their golf game, with predictions ranging from ‘it might make me focus a little bit’ to ‘I won’t be setting a personal best’. They take a sobriety test, hit some baseline shots, smoke weed, hit some more shots, take measurements, smoke more weed, and calculate the results. Let’s check out how they did:

I’ll be honest, I did NOT expect any aspect of the game to get better. Especially not driving and putting. But here we are. As for me? I can’t imagine a more personal hell than being baked out of my mind on the golf course. I’ve played 90% of the golf in my life down here in Florida and when I think about golf weather I think about hot, humid, sunny, and sticky. Those are the exact opposite circumstances I want to find myself in if I am stoned to the bone.

Now that Golf Digest has tested both how alcohol affects your golf game and they’ve done it for weed, what’s next? Can we see how Adderall affects your golf game? Starting at 5mg and moving up to like 40mg. What about meth? Can we see some golfers on meth just running around with sticks going nuts, please?

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