How Much Money You Would Have Made If You Bet $1,000 On Tiger Woods To Win Every Major From 1997-2008

how much money you would have made betting on tiger in every major

Getty Image / Ben Jared

Tiger Woods is currently tied with Sam Snead for the most all-time career wins on the PGA Tour with 82 to his name. When it comes to major championships, Woods won his 15th in 2019 at Augusta National as he earned his fifth green jacket in unbelievably dramatic fashion.

Long story short, Woods has won a lot of golf tournaments and plenty of gamblers out there have been rewarded as well that have decided to put their money on the big cat over the past two decades and counting.

We thought that it would be interesting to break down those numbers, specifically between 1997-2008 when Woods won 14 of his 15 majors, and see just how much money you would have won if you put $1,000 on Woods to win every major he played in during that 11-year run.

Tiger Woods Betting Odds In Majors 1997-2008, Winnings From $1,000 Bet

1997 Masters: 8-1 ($8,000)
1999 PGA Championship: 6-1 ($6,000)
2000 U.S. Open: 3-1 ($3,000)
2000 British Open: +150 ($1,500)
2000 PGA Championship: +160 ($1,600)
2001 Masters: +150 ($1,500)
2002 Masters: 2-1 ($2,000)
2002 U.S. Open: 2-1 ($2,000)
2005 Masters: +350 ($3,500)
2005 British Open: 3-1 ($3,000)
2006 British Open: 5-1 ($5,000)
2006 PGA Championship: 2-1 ($2,000)
2007 PGA Championship: 3-1 ($3,000)
2008 U.S. Open: 2-1 ($2,000)

Woods teed it up in every major but two from 1997-2008. He sat out the final two majors of the year in 2008 after undergoing knee surgery following his ’08 U.S. Open win. This means that Woods won 14 of the 46 majors he played in during that stretch, but it also means that he didn’t win 32 times, so you would have lost $32,000 over the years.

As for your winnings, well, they really aren’t as impressive as you may imagine in relation to just how dominant Woods was during the time. You would have won $44,100 in those 11 years leaving your overall winnings at $12,100.

Taking home over $12,000 in winnings is never a bad thing, but again, that’s over an 11-year stretch, so you really only brought home just over $1,000 on average each year.

As for how much money Woods made from those 14 major wins, he raked in over $13.9 million.

Odds via Sports Odds History