3 Fat Loss Power-Ups That Increase Your Metabolism


Bros, for the last 6 weeks I’ve been preparing for my first photo shoot.

Normally, I’d take a few months to shred fat away. But with the photo shooting happening so quickly, I had to get aggressive.

Slashing 800 calories off of maintenance isn’t easy and not something I suggest for anyone new to dieting.

Trust me bro, I’ve had to sacrifice whiskey, ice cream, pizza, potatoes, cheese–all the good stuff.

It’s been one hell of a battle. Lucky for me, I’m an avid gamer and there a few “power-ups” (or perks for Call of Duty players) that have helped me burn fat faster.

These “power-ups,” when stacked with a calorie deficit, are supplying an extra boost to my metabolism. Helping me to shred away nearly ten pounds of fat in 6 weeks.

Before you ask, no, none of these “power-ups” are supplements. All three of these are items you can find in your kitchen, right now.

1. Cinnamon – One scoop in my morning oatmeal and post workout shake

According to a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, cinnamon extract helped improve body composition by increasing lean body mass and decreasing fat. A later study also showed that cinnamon helped limit insulin resistance and fat deposits.

Insulin resistance can really hamper your fat loss plans not to mention cause issues later in life. Low carb diets, losing belly fat, and eating less processed foods can help improve your resistance and make fat loss easier, but for an added boost a spoonful of cinnamon.

2. Cold Water – All day. Errday.

Dehydration will not only lead to having a bad workout, but it prevents your liver from functioning properly and breaking down fatty acids for fuel.

Increasing your water intake will not only help your liver work more efficiently but when you drink it ice cold, your body has to ramp up its metabolism to bring it to 98.6 degrees.

This thermogenic process for one 16 ounce glass of water burns about 18 calories.

Let me do a bit of math for you bro.

If you drink a gallon of water a day, 128 ounces, you’d burn an extra 144 calories from the thermogenic process of bringing the cold water up to body temperature. Multiply that by 7 and you burn an extra 1,008 calories a week.

Over the six weeks I’ve been cutting, that means I’ve burned over 6,000 calories from drinking cold water.

There are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat, so that means I’ve almost lost 2 extra pounds of fat from drinking cold water. No cardio needed or any more drastic calorie cuts.

3. Hot Sauce – I Put That Shit on Everything

Spicy food not only tastes amazing, but it helps you burn more body fat.

Hot sauce, jalapenos, chili peppers, or any pepper that will light your mouth on fire can increase your metabolism by up to 30%, according to performed by The British Journal of Nutrition.

Hot peppers derive their metabolism increasing power from a compound called Capsaicin.

A study done by The Public Library of Science found men who ate meals with added capsaicin pepper metabolized food so efficiently that they ate 25% fewer calories. All without feeling massive amounts of hunger later.

As avid BroBible readers, you know the power protein holds when it comes to fat loss.

Combine protein, like egg whites, with a heaping dose of hot sauce. And that brochacho is one hell of a fat loss power up.

Fat Loss Hacks That Work

These 3 Fat Loss Power Ups have made my aggressive fat loss protocol a lot more manageable.

Plus I’m not going to second guess the extra calories they’ve helped burn off. The best part is that not only have I lost more fat in less time, but I haven’t needed to add in unneeded cardio or take my calories so low I hate life.

When you’re on a quest in a video game, having a few power-ups or perks in your back pocket come in handy when you’re facing a tough challenge or a boss.

Take these fat loss power-ups with you, it’s dangerous to alone.

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