Punch Sparks Massive Brawl At NJ High School Basketball Tournament

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Camden and Camden Eastside are both at risk of getting tossed out of a New Jersey statewide basketball tournament after a brawl broke out.

The bleachers and benches cleared after punches were thrown with 4:24 left in the 2nd. Top-seeded Camden was leading rival Camden Eastside 30-17 when the punch was thrown and the court was swarmed.

The violence immediately ended the game. There was no restarting the game after the chaos that ensued, and officials made the decision to suspend the game.

It is the two players in the bottom right of the screen that incites violence. The player in the grey, Camden Panthers’ Cornelius Robinson, throws a punch at the player in the orange, Eastside’s Titus Bacon, while trying to set a pick, whistles are blown, and the court is swarmed.

NJ.com captured this video of the incdent:

Camden was the top seed in this New Jersey high school basketball tournament. Neither the Superintendent of the Camden City School District, Katrina McCombs, or the Camden coach, Maalik Waayns, offered a comment on the ensuing brawl.

However, the district released a statement to NJ Advanced Media which was shared by the NY Post. That statement said:

We are disappointed to learn that this evening’s Camden County Championship basketball game between Camden High School and Eastside High School has been suspended following an on-the-court altercation during the game. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our students and fans. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

It went on to add “This incident is not an indication of who we are. … And, we expect our student-athletes to compete with sportsmanship. The District will take all the necessary steps for appropriate disciplinary action.

This is a horrible way for a HS basketball tournament to end. Players training every day to have their game(s) ruined by a few bad apples. Hopefully, this turned into a teaching/learning moment for everyone involved.

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