Fired Browns Coach Hue Jackson Getting Ripped For Blaming Everyone But Himself For 2.5 Years Of Crappy Football


Hue Jackson is a terrible head football coach. There, I said it. Sure, the Cleveland Browns front office set him up for failure a couple of years ago by going all analytics on him, but, c’mon, ol’ dude went a combined 1-31 in his first two seasons at the helm, and lost in disheartening ways this season before he finally got canned with the team sitting 2-5-1.

Yes, it took a three-game winning streak in a season of higher expectations for the Browns to fire Hue Jackson, not one win in his first 32 games, just wanted to remind you of the dysfunction that is the Cleveland Browns.

Anyway, with Jackson and his then offensive coordinator, Todd Haley, both getting axed due to what was called “internal discord,” the Browns have now promoted defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to lead them. And, talking for the first time with the media since losing his job, Hue Jackson seemed to point the finger at everyone but himself — and the Internet is sort of rolling their eyes at him.

Speaking to, here’s a quick transcript of what Hue Jackson had to say.

Was he blindsided by the firing? “I was surprised when both Jimmy and John walked in my office and let me know that they’d be relieving me as being the head coach of the Cleveland Browns.”

Was there internal discord? “I didn’t perceive it (that way). I think you can disagree with people and not have it be discord. Discord to me is a strong word. It means there’s always infighting. That’s a pretty hot word. I know there was disagreements and rightfully so. Who doesn’t disagree? But I think the term internal discord was a little much.”

Did he appeal to Haslam to let him run the offense? “I had a very candid conversation with Jimmy Haslam as I’ve known Jimmy longer than I’ve know John, and I think Jimmy knows what I’ve expressed and how I felt and how I would have liked to have gone out.”

The entire interview is laughable, with the former Browns coach acting as if he was headed for Canton or something, yet, again, finished his career in Cleveland with a 3-36-1 record. As you might expect, once Hue Jackson’s words reached the Internet, well, people mocked his ass pretty hard.

Look, Hue Jackson will probably get another gig as an offensive coordinator or something down the road. He seems like a likable guy, unlike the malcontent Todd Haley who has clashed with people in the past, but, good lord, that record as a head coach suck ween. Plus, he didn’t really do himself many favors by blaming everyone else but himself for how crappy the Browns were while he was leading them.

Ah, yes, the Cleveland Browns, everyone: the factory of sadness where careers go to die.

(H/T Cleveland)

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