Someone Gave The Icelandic National Soccer Team’s Euro Cup Saga Gets The ‘Mighty Ducks’ Treatment

I think it’s safe to say that The Might Ducks is the best movie of all time. I can say things like this because, as a blogger whose words are immortalized by the internet, by opinions carry more weight and truth than yours. Continuing with the Mighty Ducks, though, I really can’t think of a single movie that’s better. The story about a bunch of losers who band together under a questionably alcoholic lawyer turned coach to show the world they’re more than just a ragtag group of failed blowjobs is appointment family viewing. So much so that, at the end of the day, I sometimes wish it was real. But, since it’s not, I’ve had to settle for other underdog stories. Such as the Iceland soccer team, a literal group of nobodies coached part time by a dentist. It’s pretty much The Mighty Ducks but with soccer. Which is apparently exactly what this YouTuber thought when he made a trailer for the (presumably) forthcoming Disney sports film about their underdog rise through the Euro Cup.

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