Guess What Idiotic Thing Johnny Manziel Did On Friday After Turning Himself In For Domestic Assault


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Johnny Manziel needs to start getting his shit together…although considering his track record, it’s no surprise that he’s chosen to keep spinning his wheels in mud.

After turning himself in for a domestic violence charge, tweeting a dumbass joke about his mugshot (which, to be fair, this is Johnny Manziel – what else have we come to expect?) and then supposedly flipping the bird to courtroom camera crews during his initial hearing, Johnny Manziel did what any sane, normal, reasonable human being would do…

Johnny Manziel didn’t let a domestic violence case cramp his style … he hit up 3 clubs Friday night in Hollywood.

Johnny — who faces misdemeanor assault charges for allegedly hitting his ex-girlfriend — went power-clubbing, from Nice Guy, to Hyde, to Bootsy Bellows all within two hours.

Manziel was mum, but on the surface the criminal case does not seem to be a top concern.(via)

…that is, he did what any sane, normal, reasonable human being would do if they were Johnny Manziel. Anyone ELSE would’ve stayed home, kept a low profile and maybe hit the gym to try and get back into football-playing shape. Manziel, on the other hand, is almost a complete lost cause and appears to be embracing his life on the D-list.

No doubt he’ll overstay his welcome once he becomes an NFL has-been over time and people will eventually stop caring about him – so since there’s not a single NFL team that’s willing to touch a guy who equates professionally to being toxic sludge, it’s no wonder he’s still partying while he can. Guy’s got about 10 months before no one gives a shit about him anymore and he has to start flipping burgers at McDicks.

Party it up while you can dude, because it’s all coming to an end.