This Dope Infographic Shows The Evolution All NFL Teams’ Logos Since Their Inception

I got some nostalgia juice for you, bros. The below infographic shows the evolution of every NFL team’s logo since they came into existence. Some of them you’ll wonder why they were ever changed, and others looks like they’re Helen Keller scribbled them up.

My takeaways:

It looks like the Browns have changed their logo six times, or, in other words, the number of quarterbacks they’ll go through this year. The Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans seem to be satisfied with their logos since inception, which only dates to less than 20 years back. The Bengals have six more logo changes than they do Super Bowls, and the Redskins logo has always been racist, or so I’m told.

Here are the top and bottom 3 logos, in my very correct opinion.

Top 3 Old School Logos: Patriots (1971-1992), Buccaneers (1976-1996), Broncos (1970-1972)

Bottom 3 Old School Logos: Bills (1960-1961), Chiefs (1970-1971), Patriots (1960)

What do you bros think? Give your opinions in the comments. I have nothing to do tonight so I’m looking to get into a fight online.

[h/t Nike]

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