The Internet Trashes The Cleveland Cavalier’s New City Jerseys

Yesterday afternoon, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Nike unveiled the team’s new city edition jerseys that celebrated the city’s “pride, perseverance and unity.”


“The new City Edition uniform tells the story about The Land that we love – Cleveland,” said Cavaliers CMO Tracy Marek. “Collaborating on design with Nike is always a great opportunity, and to work with Destination Cleveland to represent the city’s brand on our uniform is something that is very special and unique for any team. We know the players and our fans will wear the Cleveland City Edition with pride.

Bold colors symbolize the energy between a city and team deeply connected by pride, spirit and optimistic forward motion. Vibrant orange and blue are a nod to the uniform the Cavaliers wore in 1994 during their first season in the new arena when they returned home to downtown Cleveland, which helped stimulate a new era of development and renaissance for the City. Over two decades later, the relationship between the City and the Cavs is forged in common purpose— to continue the momentum of growth and the championship journey with drive, determination and grit.

The Internet instantly mocked the new jerseys with hilarious memes and jokes.

There does seem to be a number of people who seem to like the new city jerseys.

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