FDU Coach Tobin Anderson Takes Iona Job To Replace Rick Pitino After Upsetting Purdue

Former FDU coach Tobin Anderson

Getty Image / Andy Lyons

Every year there’s a Cinderella team in the NCAA Tourney. Although their run was short, the FDU Knights captivated sports fans across the nation.

Taking down the giant that was the Purdue Boilermakers certainly put FDU coach Tobin Anderson on the map. Especially now that he’s taking a new head coaching job.

According to Barstool Sportsbook, Anderson is taking the Iona University gig as the official replacement for Rick Pitino.

Pitino, of course, just recently signed a deal with St. John’s to become their new head coach. So, Iona decided to replace him with the March Madness darling that is Tobin Anderson.

The head coaches of these small schools that make noise in the tournament tend to be the biggest winners. Although FDU will now be searching for a new head coach, Anderson is surely moving up in his career as a basketball coach.

With that said, perhaps Iona can remain relevant after giving Rick Pitino his second chance after falling out with Louisville. The Gaels largely benefited with Pitino leading the way. So it’ll be interesting to see how Anderson fairs in that role.

Either way, college basketball fans seem to be excited for the former FDU head coach.

Iona is still a small school, but this is a step forward for his career.

That’s how it works, Trey.

Congrats to Tobin Anderson and hopefully FDU can find a solid head coach to replace him.