Iowa State Football Fan Uses World’s Lamest Recruiting Tool To Try And Get Players To Play For Cyclones

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Iowa State football fans are incredibly passionate. The Cyclone faithful is exactly that.

The fanbase travels by the busload to every away game and sells out every game in Ames. And wherever they go, a trail of empty Busch Lights follow, so opposing teams and bowl games are sure to load up before Iowa State gets into town.

They are awesome people and they care deeply about their team. Even if that means that they get a little bit too excited about something that couldn’t really matter less to people outside of their circles. It’s not a bad thing by any means— dedication and devotion to a program is what makes college sports, particularly football, great.

However, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t funny when they get a little bit too worked up.

Earlier this month, the official Iowa State Athletics Twitter account posted photos of a new bridge that is going in next to the stadium. It is set to run over University Boulevard to the right of Jack Trice Stadium and allows easier access to the game from the RV lot.

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It looks like a great bridge. It really does.

With that being said, a bridge is simply not a recruiting tool. Especially one that doesn’t really lead to anywhere for any particular reason related to the players or the game.

That didn’t stop one Cyclone fan from trying to convince recruits to play for Iowa State because of the bridge.

Of course, he got roasted. And rightfully so.

But that doesn’t make him or her a bad fan! You have to admire his or her excitement!