Islam Makhachev Demands Accountability For Accusations Despite Deleted Tweet Generating Speculation

Islam Makhachev

Getty Image / Chris Unger

Recently, Islam Makhachev’s team denied accusations that he used an IV after the weigh-ins at UFC 284. Now, the lightweight champion demands accountability.

No proof has been provided regarding the cheating allegations. However, things took a turn when a now-deleted tweet from manager Ali Abdelaziz generated speculation.

On Thursday morning, Islam Makhachev demanded that Dan Hooker be held accountable for his cheating accusations. Nothing has come of it, but it’s notable that Makhachev is very clearly denying any wrongdoing.

Even so, Ariel Helwani comments on a deleted tweet from Abdelaziz that kind of makes it seem like Islam Makhachev may have used an IV after all.

Diving deeper into the issue, it turns out that this situation is vastly more complicated than you’d think. Essentially, different organizations have different rules.

It’s speculated that Australia may allow IVs. However, USADA has some strict guidelines, which are explained by Helwani above.

So, again, this is a sticky situation. Makhachev and his team deny they used any IVs while Ali Abdelaziz’s deleted tweet draws speculation from UFC fans.

This is what has UFC fans confused.

With that said, it sounds like this could lead to an investigation by the UFC. If that’s the case, then fight fans will be on the edge of their seats to see how it plays out for Islam Makhachev.