Islam Makhachev Finally Responds To Dan Hooker’s Cheating Accusations

Islam Makhachev

Getty Image / Chris Unger

Islam Makhachev took home the win at UFC 284 and retained his belt as the lightweight champion of the world.

Even so, Australian fighter Dan Hooker believes the current champ cheated during the weigh-ins, but never provided any proof. Now, Makhachev and his team respond.

According to MMA Junkie, Islam Makhachev’s agent, Rizvan Magomedov, denies the allegations Hooker has made. Here is his full response.

Dan Hooker went on a Twitter rant, claiming that Makhachev hired a nurse and received an IV immediately after weigh-ins.

This is not permitted by the UFC, as IVs assist with unhealthy weight-cutting methods and also can be a way for a fighter to use performance-enhancing substances.

Any fighter who is caught using IVs can be suspended for up to two years.

So of course, Islam Makhachev and his team are going to deny these accusations. Especially considering Dan Hooker provided no proof whatsoever.

For now, this is a he said, he said situation. Hooker’s accusations don’t hold any merit. For anything to pick up steam, the UFC would have to conduct an investigation on Islam Makhachev and his team.

At the same time, this conversation might be long from over. Hooker may have a response. However, the only way his allegations move forward is if he provides proof.

With that said, look for Islam Makhachev to focus on recovering from UFC 284 and then eventually sign his next fight. Hopefully, we see the lightweight champion back in the cage before the end of the year.