Dude Tries Leaping Over Someone During Dunk Contest And, Nope, The Decision Was Dumb AF


As someone who’s only 5’9″ and can’t jump to save his fucking life, I know my limits and wouldn’t even attempt to try and dunk a basketball on a 10-foot hoop. When a guy’s a pro hoops player, though—as Trent Lockett is in Italy—that’s a different story, as Lockett should, presumably, have the hops to leap high enough to slam one down.

That doesn’t mean he’s got enough spring in his step to do it over a teammate, though.

During the Italian All-Star dunk contest the other day, the 6’5″ Lockett attempted to jump over teammate Peppe Poeta to get the house hyped as fuck—and it might just be the most pathetic excuse of an attempt in dunk contest history.

Not only did Lockett come up about four feet short of even coming close to the rim, but he was wearing a damn fedora, sunglasses, designer clothes and, let’s just say he looked like he was hittin’ the club.

Instead, he ended up hitting poor Peppe right in the face, leaving the dude bloodied and bruised.

No one was seriously hurt, but both players’ images took a minor hit, so it might be time to practice a different dunk for next time.

[H/T SB Nation]

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