Ja Morant’s Father Opens Up About His Son’s Recent Off-Court Problems

Ja Morant and his father Tee Morant

Getty Image / Justin Ford

Ja Morant’s off-court antics have dominated sports news for several weeks now.

However, he finally returned to action on Wednesday night, coming off the bench for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Many are hoping the worst is behind him and that he can focus on playing basketball from here on out.

Now, Ja Morant’s father opens up about what’s been going on with his son.

According to The Athletic, Tee Morant claims the last several weeks were “tough” for the family. Additionally, he claims he “saw Growth” in his son as well.

When Morant took the court for the first time in nine games, the Grizzlies crowd gave him a standing ovation. Memphis clearly missed their star point guard.

Ja Morant’s father clearly loved seeing the support the fans gave his son once he finally got back on the court, per The Athletic.

“I really think it’s great for the city. I’m loving the love they’re showing to the Morants. People make mistakes. I’m glad that we can get back to a sense of normalcy.”

Morant’s time away from basketball was certainly packed with drama. His father Tee comments about what it was like having to watch his son go through his recent hardships.

“They were rough, bruh. Rough. Reading bad things about my son and (people) judging him off of things that he really doesn’t believe in. It’s so crazy that people love to throw the stone but wouldn’t want the stone thrown at their kid. I felt totally responsible. Ja’s gonna show the world who he is, and I’m excited about that.”

During his conversation with The Athletic, Ja Morant’s father blames himself for the recent off-court issues.

“I blame myself. I blame myself. Because that’s my son. When I say I will die for my kids, I will die for my kids. Now has the world thought about that or thought like that? Anything my kid does, I’m going to blame myself.”

With Ja Morant back in action, it’s safe to say his father Tee is happy with what he’s seen over the last several weeks. According to The Athletic, Tee Morant “saw growth” in his son.

“I saw growth, and I saw grace. And I know that he knows that God is in control of everything. Forget what the world got to say about you; you can only be judged by one.”

With that said, we hope Ja Morant remains out of trouble from here on out. We know the Grizzlies sure hope that’s the case as well.