Stephen Jackson Claims Ja Morant Doesn’t Need Counseling And Gets Slammed For His Take

Stephen Jackson's Ja Morant take

Getty Image / Tim Heitman

Ja Morant is due to return soon after going to counseling in Florida.

With the Memphis Grizzlies remaining competitive, having him back will provide a boost to the season.

However, former NBA star Stephen Jackson shared a take about Morant recently and now NBA fans are absolutely slamming him for it.

Here is the video of Jackson sending Ja Morant a message. In the clip, the former NBA star claims that Morant “didn’t need to go to counseling.”

With everything going on with Ja Morant, talking to a professional certainly doesn’t hurt his situation. Even so, Stephen Jackson feels it’s unnecessary and that the Grizzlies star needs to just “get back to playing basketball.”

Additionally, Jackson clearly doesn’t understand how counseling or therapy works. For that reason, NBA fans couldn’t help but slam him for his take.

It’s just a very old-school way of thinking.

A lot of people are referring back to Shannon Sharpe’s message to Ja Morant as the right message.

This might be the best point made in the entire thread.

Look, everybody just wants what’s best for Morant. But Stephen Jackson’s advice is an outdated approach.

With that said, hopefully, the Grizzlies star returns to action and stays out of trouble because he is a true joy to watch on the court. We just hope for nothing but the best for Ja Morant.