New Details Emerge In Ja Morant Altercation And It Doesn’t Look Good

Ja Morant

Getty Image / Tim Nwachukwu

Ja Morant finds himself in some hot water on Wednesday after some serious accusations come to light.

This comes not long after an incident took place in early February between his entourage and the Indiana Pacers.

Now, according to Yahoo Sports, Ja Morant is being accused of “repeatedly punching a teenage boy in the head and threatening him with a gun last summer.”

Reports indicate that this alleged assault took place just four days after Ja Morant and his group got into a physical altercation with the head of security at a Memphis mall.

“In the incident involving the teenage boy, the 17-year-old reportedly told police Morant, who turned 23 last August, punched him 12 or 13 times during a pickup basketball game at the point guard’s house,” per Yahoo Sports.

Allegedly, “Morant and a friend hit him so hard it left a ‘large knot’ on the side of his head, which police observed themselves.”

From there, the teenage boy claims that Ja Morant “went into his house and re-emerged with his hand on a gun visible in the waistband of his paints.”

Additionally, Morant shares his side of the story, as he claims it was in self-defense after admitting to swinging at the teenage boy first.

He believes the boy “was the aggressor because he threw a ball at Morant’s head then stepped up to him pulling up his pants,” according to Yahoo Sports.

In fact, the Grizzlies star filed his own police report against the teenage boy. He claims the boy yelled, “I’m gonna come back and light this place up like fireworks.” In the police report, Ja Morant says the “boy was threatening his family.”

The final details revolving around the incident claim that the prosecutors declined to file any charges. According to Yahoo Sports, a Shelby County District Attorney spokesperson, “decided that there was not enough evidence to proceed with a case.”

So, from the sounds of it, the allegations and potential charges against Ja Morant were dropped when it first occurred. But for some reason, this story is being reported on nearly a year later.