Jabari Parker Proves Dessert Bonafides, Bakes ‘Jabari Bars’ for Krzyzewskiville Tenters


If you’ve seen College Gameday, or heard Dick Vitale speak over the last 20 years, then you know Duke students camp out in Krzyzewskiville to earn tickets for Duke’s game against Carolina. The dedication is real: this year, Dukies were required to sleep in a tent for over two months to score seats at Saturday’s game, and it’s not unusual to hear news reports wafting in from Durham about tenters suffering from the flu en masse, or, uh, fucking meningitis. You can also be run over, as happened to one unfortunate camper a few years ago.

Anyway, amid the discarded Busch Light cans and enough mud to give a World War I soldier trench foot, K-Ville’s inhabitants are in need of some distraction. Enter phenom freshman Jabari Parker.

In a delightful video hosted by Duke Blue Planet, Parker bakes and delivers “Jabari Bars”—a dessert with graham crackers, chocolate chips, and a few “secret ingredients”—to his fellow students who’ve camped out to watch him play.  “If these hit the market, and if I get famous off this, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave college early,” Parker said. “To be like a professional dessert-maker.”

He also dunked for their entertainment. Jabari Parker is a man of the people.

[H/T: USA Today FTW]