Jack Nicklaus Gets Robbed Of A Hole-In-One And Reacts By Spiking His Club As Well As Any 76 Year-Old Could

by 2 years ago

I guess there are worse ways to spend your golden years than getting paid to play golf. I also guess that 76 year-old  Jack Nicklaus isn’t even technically retired since he’s still getting paid to play in professional golf tournaments. No matter how much money you make, however, it still has to burn when you’re robbed of a hole-in-one by Mother Nature.

I get it, we’re all still recovering from Jose Bautista’s bat flip, but Nicklaus’s club spike is getting up there as something no one will soon forget. Did he really just essentially angrily place the club on the ground? Yes, but we can’t quite fault a guy who’s older than most residents of the America’s assisted living communities for not having the strength to illustrate just how angry he is. It’s a miracle he’s still out there hitting the links at all. If this is any indication, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about what to buy him at his retirement party anytime soon. 

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