Jackson State Football Breaks Out Into An Epic Freestyle Battle After Practice And They Bring The Jokes

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When Deion Sanders took over the Jackson State football program in 2020, the entire culture changed within the program. After years of being outside of the national relevance, the Tigers went 11-2 last season and won a SWAC championship.

A large part of the quick turnaround has to do with talent, but it also has a lot to do with coaching. Under Sanders, the team plays with a lot of confidence and swagger that is instilled by their head coach.

Rather than suppressing personality or trying to get his players to conform to his expectations, he lets them be themselves. Sanders expects that his players meet him where he is in terms of respect and how they act, but doesn’t want to change them.

As a result, practice at Jackson State is turned up to a 10 at all times. Earlier this spring, when two Tigers got into a big fistfight during practice, Coach Prime let them work their frustrations out rather than stopping it and penalizing them for fighting.

After practice on Tuesday, Jackson State football partook in a different type of battle— a freestyle battle.

The two sides, presumably split by offense and defense, separated and lined up across from one another.

From there, the two sides took turns going back and forth at one another. One player would step out into the middle and spit a bar for their side, and then the opposing team would follow suit.

Some of the disses were funnier than others, but the laughs were not hard to come by. Take a look and listen:

Very few teams in college football are having as much fun as Jackson State. Deion Sanders is a big part of that.