‘F*** Jae Crowder’ Chants Break Out In Latest Matchup Between Pelicans And Suns

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  • Jae Crowder is not a well-liked person in New Orleans at the moment
  • The Pelicans crowd delivered a message to the Phoenix forward in Game 4 of the NBA playoffs
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The series between the Suns and Pelicans has been heated thus far.

Not only are the two teams tied at two wins apiece, but the animosity on the floor has been evident. Things have begun to reach a tipping point with this latest trip to New Orleans.

In Game 3, we saw Pelicans forward Jaxson Hayes absolutely steam roll Jae Crowder in what would wind up earning him a flagrant foul. While attempting to rebound a missed shot, Hayes sees Crowder in his path and lowers a shoulder to force the Suns big man to the ground.

He unleashed some frustration with this bulldozing hit.

The play, which was deemed “unnecessary and excessive,” landed an ejection for Hayes.

Crowder attempted to go after the forward, but the situation was quickly diffused.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Crowder get into a tussle with an opposing player. Prior to the start of the playoffs, he got into it with Warriors’ forward Draymond Green. The verbal altercation would continue after the end of the game, with the two players being separated at midcourt.

Crowder is a scrappy player with a high motor. That motor often gets him on the wrong side of opposing fanbases. That’s just what’s happened in New Orleans.

Pelicans Fans Chant “F*** Jae Crowder”

In the middle of the Game 4 matchup between the Pelicans and Suns, the New Orleans fanbase broke into a “F Jae Crowder” chant.

Take a listen.

The NBA media was quick to react, noting the tension that’s been building over the first few games of the series.

Check out the Twitter response below.

Crowder and Co. will host the Pelicans on Tuesday as both teams return to Phoenix. The explicit taunting will disperse for one game, but it could be back in Game 6, particularly if the Pelicans take a 3-2 series lead.