Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Absolutely Jacked While Filming Roadhouse At UFC 285 Weigh-Ins

Jake Gyllenhaal posing on the red carpet

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has gotten in trememndous shape for his upcoming role in the ‘Roadhouse’ remake.

Last month, Arnold Schwarzenegger praised Gyllenhaal for transforming his body for his movie role.

“Talking about being in shape. This guy here (Jake Gyllenhaal) got in incredible shape. Did you see his body? His latest movie. And he got ripped.”

“The body was really extraordinary. This transformation, and because it’s literally, you know zero body fat.”

On Friday, at the UFC 285 ceremonial weigh-ins, Gyllenhaal shot a fake UFC weigh-in and faceoff for Roadhouse.

During the taping, Gyllenhaal showed up his new physique and looked absolutely jacked.

Despite the added muscles, Gyllenhaal’s slapping technique was not very good.

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