Jake Paul Responds To Mike Tyson Calling Him Out ‘Let’s Make The Fight Happen’

Mike Tyson

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  • Mike Tyson expressed his interest in a fight with Jake Pau; during a recent podcast with Joe Rogan.
  • Paul has responded to Tyson calling him out “let’s make this fight happen.”
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It appears that Jake Paul is interested in a boxing match with legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

Last week, Tyson expressed interest in a fight with Paul while speaking to Joe Rogan on his podcast.

“Let’s do it, Jakey, God, wouldn’t that be cool?”

During an interview with Boxing Social on Tuesday, Paul responded to the 55-year-old Tyson and is down to fight him next because he believes it could be the best-selling PPV of all time.

“We’re still having some conversations with people like Mike Tyson, who recently said he wanted to fight… I think it would be one of the biggest PPVs of all time. Together when we were on the same card, we sold almost 2 million PPVs, so imagine if we fought, 3 million PPVs, 4 million PPVs, who knows?

Mike Tyson, let’s make the fight happen. I’m ready, and I know I’d win.”

If it does go down, a fight between Tyson and Paul would definitely be the biggest selling fight of the year.