‘On To The Next One’: Jake Paul Is Done Waiting For Tommy Fury, At Least For Now

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  • Jake Paul’s on again, off again boxing match with Tommy Fury appears to be off again.
  • Paul has a lot to say on Twitter about Fury’s willingness, or unwillingness, to fight him.
  • Now the YouTube superstar says that he’s moving on to his next opponent.

The story between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has more twists and turns than your average go-kart track.

After over a year of trying, the two enemies appeared to have a fight set for Aug. 6 in Madison Square Garden. But the latest reports say that the fight is now off again after Fury was unable to enter the country. And Paul is absolutely livid over the latest turn.

TMZ is reporting that Fury’s travel issues are due to his older brother, world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, and his suspected ties to the Kinahan organized crime group.

Paul also made a bet with Fury’s brother for $1 million over the proposed fight. But that never came to fruition either according to the YouTube sensation. And now Paul says that he’s moving “on to the next one” with the fight in serious doubt.

What exactly the next one is for Paul, no one knows. But one fight that has repeatedly been discussed is with UFC superstar Nate Diaz. Just recently, Paul and Diaz were involved in a triple threat feud that also involved UFC president Dana White.

Fury’s team has not responded to Paul since the original notice that he was unable to enter the country. But these days the story seems to change from day-to-day.