Demarcus Cousin’s Little Brother Jaleel Punches A Security Guard In The Face Before Getting Tased

It could be because I have the rhythm of an elliptic dog on a treadmill, but I’ve never viewed the club scene as a family affair. There’s something about an empty warehouse that you pay to get into solely to drink too many expensive drinks and use your stilted body language to hit on girls you don’t know that doesn’t really scream “Great place to catch up with your siblings” to me.

Well, it seems that the Cousins brothers don’t share the same ideologies since they spent their Wednesday night being denied entry into the DJ booth at a Florida nightclub, leading to younger brother Jaleel to punch a security guard in the face:

Via TMZ:

The brother of NBA star DeMarcus Cousins was tased and arrested for fighting in a Tampa nightclub early this morning … but we’re told DeMarcus was pulled away from the fracas before cops got involved.

Sources inside the club tell us the brothers tried to get into the DJ area but security was shutting them down — and that’s when the chest-puffing began.

In footage obtained by TMZ Sports, you can see Jaleel throwing a haymaker punch — while chaos ensues around him. We’re told someone in DeMarcus’ crew grabbed the Sacramento Kings star almost immediately and smartly rushed him outside.

And, since it’s 2016, we got some footage:

At least that club looks pretty crowded *fart noise*.

But seriously, the best way to prove that you’re right? Start throwing haymakers. Plus, only people with conviction get tasered. You think people who are wrong get tasered? Fuck no. They come to their sense way before the tasers come out. Also, taser or not, have to give props to Jaleel for that right hook. If someone hit me with one of those, I wouldn’t leave my house for 10 years.

It also sounds like Demarcus had someone looking out for him here. I would never go clubbing with my little brother, but 0% chance I’m not getting involved if he gets in a fight, his fault or not. The last thing the Kings need right now is the mugshot of their franchise player plastered all over the internet after getting tased in a club. But I guess that’s what brothers are for, to take the fall when you get a little too butthurt about being disrespected by a DJ at the local club.