Jalen Hurts Compares Eagles’ Loss To Cowboys To Pooping

jalen hurts postgame cowboys loss poop

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  • Jalen Hurts had some very interesting words to say following the Eagles’ loss to the Cowboys on Monday night.
  • The analogy the Eagles’ QB made does sort of make sense though.
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The Philadelphia Eagles fell to 1-2 following their 20 point loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. It’s a game that Philadelphia will quickly want to forget, and one Jalen Hurts wants to flush down the toilet, literally.

Hurts didn’t necessarily have a poor night against the Cowboys throwing for 326 yards and two touchdowns, but a 20 point loss is a 20 point loss.

During his postgame press conference, Hurts took full responsibility for his team’s loss and explained that the Eagles will be better because of the tough loss, but then things went off the rails a bit.

Hurts went on to compare the loss to taking a deuce, seriously.

“You take you a deuce, you don’t sit there and look at it, you flush it and move on. We’re going to flush it and move on,” Hurts explained.

That’s some philosophical stuff there from the former Alabama quarterback.

If we’re being honest, if there were ever an NFL player to start talking about poop during a postgame presser, it was going to be a member of the Eagles.

Maybe this is just great branding and marketing from Hurts, he’s truly hitting a nerve with Philly fans. He probably gained supporters thanks to these comments despite his team’s 20 point loss to a rival.