Get Your First Glimpse Of Jameis Winston In A Buccaneers Jersey On Madden NFL 15

With the No. 1 pick in the 2015 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston. While this wasn’t a surprise, it’s still doesn’t really set in until you see the player in his new team’s laundry. Usually that means you have to wait until September, but you can see Jameis in his Buccaneers jersey right now.

In all of his Bucs glory, Winston is rolling out of the pocket and throwing touchdown passes on Madden NFL 15. Generally you have to wait four long months until the next Madden comes out to play as your coveted rookies that get drafted, but EA Sports added the highly touted QB on Wednesday. Winston was added to Madden NFL 15 as a part of Ultimate Team mode. EA Sports has a history of adding the most anticipated rookies to the current year’s game by adding them to the Ultimate Team mode and not making you wait until August. Expect several rookies to be added to Madden NFL 15 as early as Thursday night once the results of the first round of the NFL Draft are known.

The game was extremely generous to Winston, giving him an Overall Rating of 92 and individual ratings of 97 Throw Power, 94 Mid-Accuracy, 92 Deep Accuracy, 92 Short Accuracy, and 86 Speed. In the actual game, the top pick in the draft usually has a rating in the low 80’s.

However you’ll have to wait until August 25th to use him in the regular game when Madden NFL 16 is slated to release.

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