Jameis Winston Gives Incredibly Motivating Speech After Tampa Bay’s Come From Behind Win Over The Cowboys



It’s getting harder and harder for the haters to keep knocking on Jameis Winston in the NFL. Throughout the season he’s proven that his ceiling as a player is higher than that Marcus Mariota. Just yesterday he threw his first interception in a game since WEEK 4, but shook it off and went on to lead his Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a game-winning fourth quarter drive against the Dallas Cowboys. Also, how much of a proud father does Lovie Smith look like in that screenshot above (and video below)?

After driving the field and running the winning TD in himself, Jameis Winston took to the locker room to celebrate with his Buccaneers teammates, and in that locker room Jaboo gave an emotionally charged speech that’ll get you all jacked up (assuming you’re not a Dallas Cowboys fan):


Every week this season Jameis (and the Bucs) have continued to show growth as a team in some way or another, and yesterday’s come from behind win to beat the Dallas Cowboys with under a minute left in the fourth quarter is proof that the crushing defeat by the Washington Redskins a few week ago isn’t going to sit in the way of their growth.

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