Jameis Winston Gets Extremely Emotional, Loses His Mind On The Sideline And Tries To Go After Ref

by 6 months ago

Earlier this year, the Tampa Bay Bucs coaching staff wanted to make sure to try and keep Jameis Winston’s emotions in check because their star QB is prone to losing control at the end of games.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense is placing extra emphasis this season on “passion versus emotion” and remaining level-headed, believing it will allow them to perform better in high-pressure situations. That all starts with quarterback Jameis Winston and his temperament.

“It’s something that we preach every week here, having passion and losing the emotion,” said Winston. “I’m an emotional player, but I’ve always got to make sure that passion is winning.”

“I’m going to be me. I’m going to be who I am,” Winston said. “[It’s about] playing the game with a love for the game but not trying to do too much.”

Unfortunately Winston forgot about the entire “passion vs emotion” thing because he nearly got tossed after going after a ref on Sunday during the Bucs-Panthers game.

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