James Harrison Called Out Adam Schefter BIG TIME For Releasing Jason Pierre-Paul’s Medical Chart

On Wednesday evening, ESPN’s NFL guru Adam Schefter confirmed that current NFL free-agent Jason Pierre-Paul had his right index finger amputated. Pierre-Paul is an FA as he never signed his Giants $60 million tender offer, and was the victim of an unfortunate firework mishap over the Fourth of July weekend. It has also been reported the Giants weren’t even aware of the amputation until Schefter’s tweet.

Never one to leave a doubt for his Twitter followers, Adam Schefter included a copy of Jason Pierre-Paul’s medical chart. I’m vehemently against including that picture here because I believe it’s in strict violation of HIPAA laws – which protect doctor/patient confidentiality – despite the NFLPA’s collective bargaining agreement. I’m not alone in that, as Schefter has been taking heat from all sides with people calling out the questionable legality of the Tweet since the chart hit the interweb.

Apparently, Steelers linebacker James Harrison was none too pleased with Schefter’s decision to share the medical record either…


Can’t say I disagree here with Harrison’s sentiment. Did you really have to share JPP’s medical chart because you don’t think your Twitter followers hang on the edge of your NFL analysis enough already, Schefty? That’s not public information, bro. EVER.

This poor dude just had his fucking finger blown off! And although it’s not said to be career threatening, the man deserves some privacy. Basic decency warrants that, let alone the HIPAA laws (unless JPP or his agent consented, that is). But come on, Schefty! Be better.

Sorry for your loss, JPP.


There’s other good celebrations out there, though. Get well soon #90.