The Patriots’ James White Surprised With Ford Truck After Tom Brady Says White Should’ve Won The MVP

I can’t believe it hasn’t even been a full week since the New England Patriots won Super Bowl 51 in Houston. It feels like it’s been decades since the NFL season ended, but ti’s only been 5 days.

As I’m sure you bros know, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady took home the Super Bowl MVP award. But, if you didn’t stick around to watch Tom Brady’s speech and subsequent interviews then you might’ve missed Tom stating that wide receiver James White should have won the MVP award. White combined for 3 TDs in the game, 1 receiving and 2 rushing, and he raked in over 100 all-purpose yards on 6 carries and a record 14 receptions.

To honor James White’s contribution to the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl 51 Championship, Ford and Conan O’Brien combined to surprise White with a brand new Ford Truck, the typical trophy presented to the Super Bowl MVP. White had no idea that Conan was about to present him with a brand new truck, and this is a pretty badass moment for a well-deserving player.