Jamie Foxx Does An Incredible LeBron James Impersonation And Has A Special Song For Cleveland

Actor/singer Jamie Foxx was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and the topic of ‘crying’ came up. Jimmy asked Jamie (say that 10x fast) if he’s ever cried during a sporting event. Jamie Foxx’s response ‘hell yeah’. He goes on to talk about how he cried last year when LeBron James won the NBA Championship in Cleveland…I dare say that wasn’t the highlight of the interview, though. The best part of the interview is below when Jamie Foxx sang a song to serenade the city of Cleveland and assuage their heartbreak after almost getting swept by the Golden State Warriors.

The first minute of two of this interview isn’t spectacular by any stretch of the imagination. Somehow they got on the topic of Bette Midler. But the LeBron James/crying talk kicks in around the 2:30 mark, that’s also around the time that Jamie Foxx busts out his LeBron James impression.

Maybe I’m wrong here, but the fact that Jamie Foxx doesn’t even have to speak in order to impersonate LeBron James just makes this impression that much better. He hits the posture, nails the facial expressions, and you can clearly see LeBron James out there taking himself waaayyyyy too fucking seriously.

I mentioned Jamie Foxx singing a song for Cleveland as the best part of last night’s interview, so here that is:

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