No One Has Ever Disrespected The Unwritten Rules Of Baseball More Than Back-Flipping Koji Akiyama

I can pretty much guarantee you weren’t combing YouTube this morning for Japanese baseball highlights from the early 1990s. At least, I hope you weren’t. It would make me very sad if non-bloggers did lame blogger things.

I can also tell you that the good folks over at Eye on Baseball were doing just that. and that we’re all better for it.

Because now we can all enjoy¬†Koji Akiyama’s ridiculous post-home run antics.

The dude does a freaking backflip into the plate — and a terribly executed one at that. Similar behavior would undoubtedly earn him a 99 mph fastball to the temple in today’s Major League Baseball.

No shame, this guy.

Akiyama is now the manager of a team himself, meaning his currently players can get away with murder in the showboating department.

[H/T: Eye on Baseball]