Jason Kelce Shares Bold Aaron Rodgers Take: ‘We’re Full Blown Hostage Situation’

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NFL stars Travis and Jason Kelce are just like the rest of the people who are fascinated with what’s going on with Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets.

On the latest episode of their New Heights podcast, the brothers brought up something that Aaron Rodgers already flamed ESPN’s Diana Russini for even mentioning: his list of demands.

“What we do know is that Aaron Rodgers has provided the New York Jets with a list of free agents that he would like them to target and acquire,” Travis Kelce began the conversation.

“Also known as a list of demands. He’s provided the New York Jets with a list of demands. We’re full blown hostage situation at this point,” Jason Kelce then interjected, adding a Captain Phillips reference, “I am the captain now!”

“I need a briefcase with 300 million dollars,” Travis continued with the reference to the Tom Hanks film.

“With Odell Beckham in the briefcase,” Jason added, making Travis laugh.

“I mean, I get it,” Jason Kelce continued. “Listen, the Jets are stacked on defense. Their head coach is a defensive coach. Aaron coming over there, it could be a match made in heaven. He just wants to make sure they got a target that he feels comfortable with.”

“They’ve got a bunch of young guys that can play some ball now,” Travis then said.

“Well, apparently, they can’t play ball good enough, because Aaron’s saying he wants one of these guys,” Jason added, then referenced the report by Diana Russini that bugged Rodgers.

After reading about the Jets giving former Packer Allen Lazard $44 million, $22 of it guaranteed, Jason said, “I don’t know if they folded or if they answered the bell, but the Jets are all-in on the Rodgers deal.”

“We got a hostage situation, they’re trying to keep all the hostages alive. Hostage situation,” Travis again joked.

“You give us one, we give you one, you give us one and also come to play our quarterback. That’s kind of where we’re at,” Jason Kelce continued.

“I will be interested to see how that plays out,” Travis then said, echoing every NFL fan.