NFL World Unleashes Memes About Aaron Rodgers Turning Into Brett Favre Following Jets Announcement

aaron rodgers and brett favre side by side

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On Wednesday, after weeks and months of stringing the NFL world along, Aaron Rodgers not only announced his intention to play in the NFL next season but to do so for the New York Jets.

While Rodgers-to-the-Jets has seemed like a foregone conclusion for weeks now, his comments on Wednesday’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show were the first confirmation from any of the three parties involved: him, the Packers, and the Jets.

Naturally, given the now apparent similarities between the two, the NFL world began cracking jokes about Rodgers basically turning into Brett Favre.

What people largely forget about the Jets’ one-year experiment with Brett Favre is that it *almost* worked. During that 2008 season, the Jets were 7-3 and went to Tennessee for a Week 11 matchup and beat up on the previously undefeated Titans by a score of 34-13. After the game, the Associated Press concluded that the Jets would be “a factor in the AFC this season.”

However, Favre would blow out his biceps soon thereafter, resulting in the Jets record taking a nose dive. After starting the season 8-3, the Jets ultimately finished 9-7 and missed the playoffs.

Their career arcs wound up being so similar — they both won early Super Bowls only to never make it to the big game again following that victory — that both of their last passes for the team wound up being interceptions.

At the time of this writing, Rodgers has yet to officially become a member of the New York Jets as an agreement has yet to be reached between the two teams. According to reports, while the Packers apparently aren’t seeking two first-round picks, Rodgers — despite nearly being 40 years old — is going to cost the Jets at least a first-round pick and then some.

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