Amazing Chiefs Fans Raise Over $70,000 for Eagles Jason Kelce’s Charity Following The Super Bowl

Travis and Jason Kelce

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Chiefs fans got to celebrate a Super Bowl on Sunday, their second in four years. Some good-hearted fans decided to share their happiness with the brother of their star tight end Travis Kelce.


It is becoming increasingly more common in the sports world for fans of teams that come off winning big games, to donate to a certain player or team that either helped their team win or is related to it.

Jason Kelce’s Charity Gets A Big Boost

Following Kansas City’s win in Super Bowl LVII over the Philadelphia, a group of Chiefs fans have started to donate to the charity of Eagles All-Pro center Jason Kelce. Kelce of course is the brother of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, a KC fan favorite.

Jason Kelce helped built the Be Philly Foundation, a non-profit group, in 2022. The charity provides financial support and increases visibility to charitable organizations across Philadelphia.

Prior to the Super Bowl, there was about $9,900 listed as the total donated on the page. Now, the sum has reached over $80,500 in donation. Which is amazing.

Many fans are donating exactly $14.90, which is the exact combination of Travis Kelce’s 87 jersey and Jason Kelce’s 62 jersey.

Travis and Jason Kelce Are Very Close

The two Kelce brothers share a podcast called New Heights, where they regularly discuss NFL related stories and talk about life.

In the most recent episode, the brothers opened up about the moments following the Super Bowl and the emotional moment with their mom, Donna.