Jason Pierre-Paul Shared An X-Ray Of His Surgically Repaired Hand And It’s Almost NSFW


We all have our insecurities. My biceps are thicker than my legs and when girls see me in boxers I look like a trash barrel on stilts. I am insecure about it. And for the months following Jason Pierre-Paul’s Fourth of July firework accident, the Giants defensive end appeared to be bashful about visually publicizing his severe injuries. And for good reason–disfigurement is alienating.

Then he began sharing photos on social media (like this one and this one) and began joking about how Twitter typos were caused by him losing a finger, and it seemed like JPP was making peace with his circumstances.

That theory has been supported by the photo Pierre-Paul has chosen to make his Twitter and Instagram avatar recently–an X-ray photo of his surgically repaired hand.

Pierre-Paul has undergone several surgeries, most recently on January 18th according to Deadspin. Those toothpick-looking things are surgical screws pinning the thumb, index and middle fingers together and the middle finger is hella thick due to excess scar tissue.

JPP had one sack and 26 tackles this past season in eight games with the New York Giants. It will be interesting to see if New York keeps him around next season or if they hand him over to another squad.

We are in talks with other men’s blogs trying to ship out Cass Anderson after seeing this deformity that many in our organization see as a blogging handicap.

[h/t Deadspin]

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