Jay Glazer Tells A Ridiculous Story About How Peyton Manning Almost Attacked Him After Glazer Called Him A ‘Little Bitch’

Picture this scene: It’s 2007. Pro Bowl weekend. NFL reporter Jay Glazer, a couple NFL players and MMA Legend Chuck Liddell are sitting around the table at a bar trying to break former safety John Lynch’s record of drinking 34 mai tais. Tip of the cap to John, you’re a fucking legend. 

When they’re all nice and drunk, in walks Peyton Manning.

Peyton starts “throwing barbs” at Glazer, who returns the shade by pretending he doesn’t understand Peyton’s request for a drink.

“I said I’ll have a Bud Light, am I stuttering? Get me a Bud Light!” Manning demands.

Glazer, who trains NFL players using MMA-style training techniques, then lunges at the 6’5” 230 pound QB. He is quickly pulled away.

Then, as Glazer remembers it, the melee kicked up again when Michael Strahan, one of Glazer’s best friends, was brought up in conversation. Peyton chimed in and directed this question at Glazer:

Did [Michael] Strahan come crying to you like every day to do a story?’”

A drunk Glazer thought it was a joke about Strahan’s divorce, which led to him dropping an ‘f’ bomb and calling Peyton Manning a “little bitch.”

Things were going to get nuclear until former UFC Champion Chuck Liddell stepped in to mediate.

As far as where Glazer stands with Manning today, he told Bill Simmons:

“Peyton, look, man. It doesn’t matter what we do in our careers, we’re grown men. Right? So just treat everybody the same, as if you’re behind 7-Eleven, alone, and there’s nobody else around.’ And we’ve been good ever since.”

Who would have thought that putting 34 mai tais in a room with superegos, it could end up poorly.

Listen to the story as told by Glazer below (38 minute mark).

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