Steelers RB Is The Ultimate ‘Football Guy’ For Refusing To Go Anywhere Without A Football In His Hands Following Preseason Fumble

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Steelers’ rookie running back Jaylen Warren is making headlines this week following a miscue in his first preseason appearance.

The ball carrier fumbled in Pittsburgh’s win over the Seahawks this past weekend, which nearly resulted in a turnover for the offense. He did make up for it by scoring on a three-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter, but Warren is working to improve his ball security in the weeks before the season opener.

He’s apparently been carrying a football around with him everywhere he’s gone since fumbling Saturday night, like a scene straight out of “The Program.”

Warren is being referred to as the ultimate football guy in Pittsburgh, and the undrafted free agent is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the Steel City.

Fans react to seeing Jaylen Warren carry around a football all week long

The running back hasn’t put down a football all week long as he prioritizes ball security this offseason. He’s hoping to not only make the roster cuts, but to provide an impact on the team in 2022.

While he still needs to impress the coaching staff, Warren is already winning over the home fans. Take a look at what the Steeler Nation had to say about their new rusher.

Many compared Warren to a character from the movie, “The Program,” who did the same thing.

Maybe Steeler fans shouldn’t be surprised by the commitment to success. One Oklahoma State supporter brought up a story about the running back’s playing days in Stillwater, showing his desire to win.

Jaylen Warren takes his football seriously judging by his latest actions. We’ll see if it helps him hang on to the ball this weekend as the Steelers take on the Jaguars in their second preseason game.

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