Jayson Tatum Leads Charge In Responding To Radio Host Who Called Simone Biles A ‘Selfish Sociopath’

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It is possible to be disappointed in Simone Biles’ decision to bow out of the Olympics without believing she is a disgrace to the nation. It is possible to empathize with Biles’ incredibly difficult decision without declaring a statue be built in her honor. It is possible to believe that everything about this is shitty, without laying the blame at the feet of anyone. All is possible.

But reaching this conclusion requires nuance, a recognition of the gray area, which isn’t typically rewarded in an online realm that props up pandering and dunking.

Conservative radio host Charlie Kirk opted for the latter on his show, calling one of the most decorated Olympians in American history a “selfish sociopath” and a “shame to the country.”

“You’re representing your nation, you selfish sociopath…We are raising a generation of weak people like Simone Biles. If she has all these mental health problems, don’t show up…She’s probably the greatest gymnast of all-time. She’s also very selfish, immature, and a shame to the country. She’s totally a sociopath. Of course she’s a sociopath. What kind of person skips the gold medal match? Who does that? It’s a shame to the nation. You just gave a gift to the Russians.”

“Simone Biles just showed the rest of the nation that when things get tough, you shatter into a million pieces.”

The kind of two-dimensional take that exudes micropenis energy and panders to a specific group of people that would otherwise claim gymnastics is for pansies.

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