Jeff Teague Says That Championships Don’t Matter In Truly Awful Take

Jeff Teague

Getty Image / Chris Coduto

Some athletes are born to win. The only thing they think about are winning championships, and they do whatever it takes to win them. Apparently, that’s not Jeff Teague.

The former All-Star actually did win an NBA Championship as a reserve that averaged 7 minutes in the playoffs for the Milwaukee Bucks in 2021, but apparently it wasn’t that important to him.

On his podcast, the 520 Club, Jeff Teague has been gaining notoriety for great storytelling and being a pretty funny guy. But, he created some controversy when he ranked James Harden ahead of Dwyane Wade. Dwyane Wade has three NBA championships and a Finals MVP. The only NBA Finals James Harden ever won was on NBA2k. But, that doesn’t matter to Teague. Take a look at this quote from an interview with Complex .

Listen, I’m biased to James because he was in my draft class and I played against him. I played against D-Wade too but I remember when James was James, he was giving you 30-8-11. Prime D-Wade gets you 36 and five then James had years where he averaged 34 or 36. It’s kind of crazy. I just don’t think people were putting enough respect on James. It feels like people are acting like I said D-Wade as a bum or something. D-Wade is a GOAT but I think James Harden is up there. He just don’t have the rings to show for it but rings don’t matter to me. When I go to the park, I see a little kid playing like James Harden. I don’t really see little kids playing like D-Wade. Not now.

If rings don’t matter, why even have a league? Terrible take, Jeff Teague.