Jericho Sims Flexes Vacation Trip After Embarrassing Dunk Contest Performance

Jericho Sims

Getty Image / Alex Goodlett

Pretty much everyone outside of Mac McClung did poorly at the dunk contest this year. However, Jericho Sims might’ve had the weakest dunk attempt in recent years.

He was roasted for his performance over the weekend. Now, he responds by flexing his vacation trip before the second half of the season begins.

Sims hopped on his Instagram account and sent a message to the haters. Hoop Central shares the post.

The vacation spot looks fun and laid back. It’ll be a nice break for Jericho Sims before getting back to it later in the week.

However, sports fans aren’t forgetting his poor performance at the dunk contest. For that reason, he’s still getting roasted.

I mean, just look at the crowd’s reaction or lack thereof.

NBA fans are relentless.

This guy might be onto something. Remember when Joey Bosa started bragging about money at the Philadelphia Eagles fan who very clearly got under his skin.

Okay, I like this perspective though. Jericho Sims is doing things in basketball I could only ever dream about.

Although Sims is seemingly enjoying his time on vacation, most NBA fans are continuing to roast him online.