Jerry Jones Continues To Play Hardball With Ezekiel Elliott, Admits That ‘Zeke Will Miss Games This Season’ And Says He Doesn’t ‘Negotiate With Players’

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It seems like Jerry Jones is going to let the Ezekiel Elliot holdout to going to into the season.

For the past month or so, Elliott has been holding out while trying to renegotiate his contract. The Cowboys have maintained that they offered Zeke a very lucrative and fair offer.

According to one report the Cowboys are willing to make Elliott the second highest-paid running back in the league.

Elliot’s social media activity suggests that he once to surpass Todd Gurley as the highest-paid back in the NFL.

After the Cowboys final preseason game tonight, Jones spoke to the media and admitted that he’s accepting the fact that Elliott is going to miss games.

Jones did tell the media that the Cowboys need Elliott and that he will be back this season.