Jerry Jones Gave An Absolutely Wild Response After Sam Williams’ Second Arrest

Jerry Jones walks onto the field for a preseason game between the Cowboys and Seahawks.

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave an absolutely wild answer when asked about Sam Williams’ recent arrest. Despite this being the defensive end’s second arrest in as many years, Jones joked that he’s maturing.

His logic behind that response is now going viral on social media.

Williams, the organization’s second round pick in 2022, was arrested by Frisco police on Sunday night. He’s facing charges related to marijuana possession and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

According to Star-Telegram’s Clarence Hill, Williams was taken into custody after being found in possession of a controlled substance believed to be marijuana. This charge has been classified as a low-level state felony.

It was Williams’ second run-in with the law since joining the team as he was arrested in 2022 following his involvement in a two-car accident. A warrant was issued after he was reported to be driving 98 MPH in a 55 MPH zone.

Jerry Jones took that speed into consideration when asked about the most recent incident on Wednesday. He somehow tried to spin it into a positive.

“This sounds a little hollow, but he is maturing,” Jones replied. “What was he going, 66 mph?… That’s 32 mph less this year. 98 last year to 66, so that’s improvement.”

An interesting take, for sure.

Fans were quick to respond online.

One person wrote, “Jerry Jones is a clown.”

Another said, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is you Dallas Cowboys owner. So out of touch.”

“Peak Jerry,” this fan commented.

Tone-deaf jokes aside, Jones said he doesn’t anticipate this affecting Williams’ playing status this year.

“I don’t anticipate this impacting his time on the field,” Jones told reporters at The Star. “And I do have all the details. There are some lessons to be learned there for everybody.”

Williams’ arrest comes just weeks before the Cowboys’ season opener on Sunday Night Football. Last year, he recorded four sacks from his defensive end position.